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afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. maryland state police have joined in the search for the body of a man who disappeared while swimming with friends. capt. roy taylor is over the scene in carroll county with the latest on the recovery efforts. >> this just south of nicodemus road near deparle road at of the reservoir on the carroll county side. divers are looking for the individual who became missing yesterday afternoon while swimming here. other divers and search people are trying to locate the individual here. state police are on the scene and they also he -- baltimore city has responded over here, since they represent the waterways in the state of maryland. no further sightings. as we get more information, we will update you from sky team 11. >> 11 news reporter rob roblin will have the latest on the recovery of its tonight on 11 news at 5:00. another violent weekend in baltimore city as police look into shooting, one of them deadly. at 32-year-old man was shot at park heights ave after midnight saturday, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head he was rushed to sinai hospital, where he
well. in potomac, maryland a water main break has the road closed. use river as the alternate. moving to the beltway on the outer loop in beltway, you are doing fine. inner loop watch for construction near the route 1 college park exit. we are tracking the trip 95 southbound. at 198 construction is taking away the left lane. 395 in virginia doing just fine. construction near seminary and one hour drive is what we are looking at out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. over to you. >>> right now, dc police are searching for clues in an overnight double shooting. it happened around 12:30 this morning in the 3500 block of 19th street southeast. police arrived to find two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one was said to be in grave condition. the second was believed to be in serious condition. >>> local utility companies are asking their customers to conserve electricity. this after a week of extreme heat has led to high demand for electricity. that intense demand in the underground tunnels fried 200 feet of cable. that knocked out power to hundreds of customers for days
of a big rally in washington today. but right now we begin our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. we are looking similar to the last few days in maryland where it is hot and sticky with more thunderstorms here and there, especially this afternoon. looking at things this morning relatively quiet. western maryland seeing a couple of showers this morning. as we start in the 60s and 70s and will climb to the 80-degree mark or so by 9:00 a.m. through midday, the chance of thunderstorms start to increase from west to east to the lunch hour. well though the 80s to 90s. highs topping out low 90s in spots this afternoon with a threat of a thunderstorm or two. >>> a couple of cameras focusing on maryland traffic. we begin with a live shot at quince orchard and clopper road. drivers are stopped at the light. overall no problems to report out this way. as we shift things over to georgia avenue and viersmill looks like the same situation. nice and quiet. and finally all aboard, we are flying over 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie toward washington. loo
. since the opinion is based on a 1952 law, marriages before then are not affected. >>> a maryland family raises concerns about a cancer cluster. >>> and this morning police in california are trying to keep rioting over a popular court verdict under control. >>> and this morning there's jubilation in one nba city and disgust in others after league mvp lebron james announces where he will play next season. we'll be right back. you are watching 9 news now. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>> welcome back. making your way to the district, notice the nice and quiet commute. hey, let's keep it that way. we have more traffic coming up. stay with us. >>> in the news now, police in oakland, california -- california have been making arrests all night long in an effort to quell rioting in the city them protester i don't see upset over the involuntary manslaughter conviction for a transit police officer w
were hard at work this morning in frederick county, maryland. they responded to a call flames at bowers lumber and components just before 6:00 a.m. the lumberyard is located on main street in woodsboro, maryland. it is unclear what sparked the blaze. >>> david cameron is making his first visit to washington since assuming office. questions about the b.p. oil spill and reports the company pressured british petroleum officials to release the lockerbie suspect are expected to overshadow his trip. joel brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: british prime minister cam reason arrived in washington ready for tough discussions. president obama and vice president biden want to talk him to him about the circumstances surrounding the release of this man. , the only person convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 over lockerbie scotland. some reports say that b.p. played a role in winning his freedom. before leaving england, the prime minister told the bbc if he had been in charge last august, he would still be in jail. >> all i know as leader of the opposition i couldn't have been more cl
violated state wiretap laws. that's because maryland is one of a dozen states that requires all parties to consent before somebody makes a recording if there's an expectation of privacy. expectation of privacy on the side of the road? stop it. former prosecutor tom canipp is with us. they can record us but if i have a camera mounted in my car or on my bike, on an open road, i can't record what the police officer does? >> interestingly, with respect to the maryland statute and a lot of jurisdictions with the two party consent laws, consent applies to the audio, not necessarily the video. in maryland, the problem is the fact that he taped the audio conversation with him and the police officers and you get into the issue of whether there's an expectation of privacy. >> you know, my experience has always been, correct me if i'm wrong, if you're in an open place where anyone can hear you and see you, for instance on 38th and 6th avenue in manhattan. somebody records what us, that's fair game. >> absolutely. i walked here today from midtown and was recorded from cameras all over. >> and audio
a powerful storm. >>> the powerful storm raced through maryland. hitting some of the washington, d.c. suburbs hardest, places like montgomery county. >> kind of blew in from out of nowhere. then winds were swirling. i didn't see any funnel clouds or anything. but as bad a wind as we can get around here. >> reporter: sky eye chopper 13 over sparks in northern baltimore county. >> it was pretty scary. >> bob watched as trees snapped all around the house. this stock, stone -- strong stone chimney kept a tree from crushing the house. but a tree did crush this minivan, killing one woman. >> and i was told that the tree fell down, as the car was coming through. >> reporter: medics had to rush a second woman inside the minivan to the hospital. many boaters on the chesapeake bay, also caught by surprise. dnr police blame a jet skier. and they took 37 distress calls, dispatching a crew to help stench 77 people out of the water. >> we had very many very stressed out, were very worried about their situation. many people were reporting that they were taking on water. we had persons in the water. >> throu
days. most of the outages are in maryland, particularly in montgomery county. pepco is working to restore power to more than 25,000 customers there. more than 5,000 customers are in the dark in prince george's county and in the district, a little more than 2300 customers have no electricity. elaine reyes has the latest from gaithersburg. >> this is pepco's staging area where crews from out of town are waiting for their assignments. the goal is to have most, if not all, the power restored by tomorrow night. >> there would be such an influx of calls, because we said after 3:00, call 1-877-pepco 62. as anticipated, there was a large volume of calls. it created a problem for our technology. >> there have been numerous complaints by customers complaining they are not getting accurate information for repair time. they are enlifting the help of hundreds of workers brought in from out of town. police officers spent the morning rush-hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> down wires continue to be a tremendous safet
maryland and vermont. >> good evening. we are honored to have the governors here. and for all of us here. we are looking forward to your remarks tonight. each of the speakers will be speaking for five or 10 minutes. after which we will give them a chance to ask each other questions and interact. our first speaker tonight is madeline, the governor of vermont. in 2009 she won the al gore -- eleanor roosevelt metal. she is the fourth woman to be elected governor, but the first to be elected for three terms. during the clinton administration she served as deputy secretary of the department of -- currently she is the professor at the university of vermont and a blocker on the -- blogger on the "huffington post." as i go through these introductions, he will get a full introduction in your program. thank you for coming. [applause] >> the first one they say is it is great to be in this historic building. you feel the wavelengths of history going through the room. i am honored to be visiting a land of lincoln. this is a broad subjects. you can look at it from the point of view as educating studen
for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> more on the storm that has brought work in the gulf to a standstill. officials fear the delay could last as long as two weeks. >>> and lindsay lohan's first weekend in jail. will she be allowed visitors? we'll find out. reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. experience new positively nourishing body washes from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologis
cloudiness. upper 60s to around 70s. eastern shore now, the mid 70s, the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. at many locations, they have dipped into the upper 50s and it's not very humid there. over the last 12 hours, we've had showers and thunder showers to the west of washington. those have dissipated. we have low clouds lingering east of the ridge this morning. a little bit of sunshine in and out, partly sunny. hot and humid. highs reaching the low 90s. there's a chance of a late shower tonight and around tomorrow. tomorrow, unfortunately some storms tomorrow could be severe with some of the damaging winds. highs in the mid 90s to be followed by higher humid and cooler temperatures. >>> looking pretty good right on the wilson bridge. however, authorities are dealing with an accident outer loop at van dorn street. let's head over and see how we're doing. headed to the bay bridge or those of you on the eastern shore through annapolis right now. as just mentioned, restoration continues. we still have a lot of traffic lights out around the area. we'll keep it updated. >> t
to disassemble it and move it from a mill in maryland, where it was being cast in bronze, he refused to reveal how to take it apart, so work on the statute became stalled until a man by the name of phillip garrido sa this. -- philip reed. he was selected to cast the bronze statue. he attached an iron hook to the head of the statute, ever so gently lifted the top section until a hairline crack appeared. the crack indicated where the joints were, and he then repeated the operation until the five different sections of the statue were discovered. we know about him today because the son of a foundry owner shared his story with historians back in 1869, and it describes him as an expert and a model workmen and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. we stand here today not only because of him, but for other enslaved african americans like him who worked tirelessly, sacrificing. these plaques in their own right will serve as a symbol of their sacrifice and will be seen by visitors who entered the building forever more. in closing, i would just like to personally thank the members of the slave labor t
temperature, as well. farther to our west, the blue ridge and maryland, virginia, it's in the low to mid southwest this morning. in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, temperatures there are in the southwest to near 80. look at the dew points there in the low 70s in many locations, especially around the bay and the eastern shore. that is sweltering humidity fp out of the mountain, it's cooler and more comfortable. western maryland, west virginia now in the low 60s. eastern shore now, the mid-70s. and this huge area of high pressure that's been plaguing us the last few days with the heat is now beginning to sink a bit to the south and a developing area of low pressure off the atlantic seaboard will give us a south easterly flow today when which will bring in clouds and also increased humidity. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, then likely thunderstorms as the front approaches from the west coming in friday evening and off and on on saturday. highs tomorrow near 90. saturday mid and upper 80s. and then low humidity for sunday, highs near 90. jerry, how is the traff
:00. >>> right off the top tonight, a prominent maryland artist known around the world now the victim of a senseless and violent murder. azin naimi disappeared in rockville. her body found monday in a d.c. alley. police say they have the killer but there are uneansed questions surrounding her death and tonight her peers are showing us -- unanswered questions surrounding her death and tonight her peers are showing us her work. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the confrontation between the artist and her suspected killer, a man who worked around the corner from her and the why is something her friends and family are struggling with, too. azin naimi spent the past year working on a book about her friend and mentor renowned artist gregory stopco. she had spent hours at his studio and her sons were helping her work on her biography. >> they was a sweetheart. she adored my father. she was passionate about the old masters and their tech neegs and my -- techniques and my father knew all of those techniques and he taught those techniques. he recognized her
of the outages are in maryland. and here are the latest numbers. in montgomery county, 23,000 customers are still without electricity. nearly 5,000 customers are waiting in prince george's county for the power to come back on. and in the district, about 2,000 customers are still out. pepco says the goal is to have all power restored by tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile, call-in lines continue to ring nonstop. elaine has that story. >> there would be such an influx of calls. we said after 3:00, call and as anticipated, there was a large volume of call and it created a problem for our technology. that has been resolved now. >> reporter: there have been numerous complaints by customers claiming they aren't getting accurate informing about repair times. crews have been working around the clock since sunday night's storm, even enlisting the help of hundred of workers brought in from out of town. meantime, police officers spent the morning rush hour directing traffic at several dark intersections like this one at industrial parkway. pepco says it is prioritizing by safety. >> downed wires continue to be a
to restore power to customers in maryland and the district. audrey barnes joins us now. she is live in northwest in a neighborhood where the lights are out at this hour. good morning. >> reporter: the lights are out and it could be a very hot and sticky morning for about 5,000 pepco customers in d.c., montgomery and prince george's county because of an overnight outage. take a look at what is going on here at the scene. this is in the 5700 block of western avenue just off the chevy chase circle. a primary cable here went out overnight and crews are now on the scene making those repairs. now, most of the pepco customers affected by this are in the district. about 3273 people without electricity in d.c. this morning. 1762 in meg county are also affected and 4 # 4 -- and 4 # customers in prince george's county will find themselves without air conditioning as well. -- 1762 in montgomery county are also affected. at this hour, we are still waiting to get word from pepco on when they expect these customers to be back online. i did talk to one. the repairmen out here working on this prima
-- one minute. one minute to our great majority leader, congressman hoyer of maryland. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i'm pleased to follow my friend, congressman manzullo, in speaking about the importance of making it in america. . it's not about manufacturing in america, it's about succeeding in america. to make sure that america is the vibrant engine of our economy and the international economy. making things not only for americans but for all the world. and i thank mr. manzullo for his comments. americans have always looked to the manufacturing sector as a source of economic vitality and as a source of pride. and i want to thank mr. rush, who has been an outstanding leader in this congress on behalf of growing our economy, jobs for americans, good paying, good benefits for all americans. america has long prided itself in a country that makes things, and democrats and i know my republicans -- republican friends are committed to making sure that is true in the future. america agrees on the importance
in potomac, maryland. take a look of this picture. this is amazing. this is a long been 10,000800 block of deeper glen road --10, 800 block. >>> it has been really hot, a scorcher for several days now. hey, steve, how are things looking? >> it is hot out there. a cool-down on the way across the area, but it will take several hours. we tied a record at dulles, making it up to 101 degrees, and we broke the records at reagan national and bwi-marshall earlier today. here are some temperatures from the weatherbug network here at the belfort furniture weather center. it is going to remain quiet and mostly dry for most of us for the next several hours or so. heading over to nationals park, it is 96 degrees for the current temperature. it feels like 100 degrees. sunny and hot. temperatures will fall slowly through the 90's. here is our forecast. we still have a he did rise in effect for the metro area until 11:00 this evening -- we still have a heated by surry -- a heat advisory. high pressure to the south and west of us. we will look for a little relief tomorrow, but thunderstorms, a better ch
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. froms the gentlewoman from maryland rise? -- for what purpose does the gentlewoman from maryland rise? without objection. ms. edwards: here we go again. today and every day in this chamber my republican colleagues stand here and blame gems for failing to create jobs. blame democrats for failing to create jobs. right now senate republicans just like their house colleagues are blocking the passage of five critical bills that would create at least 1.5 million jobs for the american people. house republicans have the audacity to accuse democrats of not doing enough to create jobs? shame on them. i urge republican senators to vote for america competes, the small business job and credit act, the jobs for main street act, and the small business and infrastructure act to provide desperately needed jobs. if republicans are really serious about job creation, then they urge their colleagues in the senate to take immediate action and pass these bills. madam speaker, it's about 186 days since we passed our first jobs bill and still they haven't acted. it's ti
the area. the majority of the power outages are in maryland, where pepco and bge are reporting that nearly 2,000 of their customers have no electricity. dominion power says more than 100 of its customers in northern virginia are without power right now. >>> taking a look outside, bright sunshine. it is heating up right now, but actually it's kind of comfortable, at least it was earlier this morning. tom joins us to tell us how long the comfort level will stay where it is. >> i think we've already crossed into the discomfort zone. >> the hour that i've been in here. >> yeah. >> i've missed the heat. >> it is with us. welcome back, barbara. we have the high humidity with us, and it is climbing in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. looking off to the southwest from our vantage point here in upper northwest washington, we can see clouds that are beginning to move our way, sort of splayed across the top there, coming from showers that are down to our south that are heading our way. and we can see those showers but don't have any reports of any cloud to ground lightning. there may be a little bit
called to a roof fire at this catholic school in wheaton maryland, st. catherine laboure. luckily children attending summer camp were not in the building. the concern was for fire fighters wearing heavy equipment, coats and helmets in the heat, to make sure they recovered from their ordeal. >> we got to cool people down. getting the coats off the fire fighters, getting the back packs off, the other equipment is so important for the bodies to release the heat for anyone. >> reporter: pepco crews have been working for two days in northeast washington, to end the power outage that was caused by an underground fire that burned cables monday night, leaving residents in a four square block area without air conditioning. >> oh, my goodness. this is terrible. it's really hot. really hot. it's been since about two days now. >> reporter: tonight pepco employees have left leaflets at the homes in this area explaining why it is taking so long and telling them they are not sure exactly when power will be restored, but right now they are estimating by midnight tonight. we're live on the scene,
is really powering that area. then you go across the country to columbia/ellicott city, maryland, which is right near the national security agency and fort meade army base. which the government is expanding, bringing thousands more jobs in there. so, it kind of depends regionally what industries are doing well and what aren't doing as well. ok, let's move on to another big topic. real estate. we know its so regional across the united states and with home buyers still worried about falling prices, how did that factor into deciding what are the best places to live? what you want in an affordable home. obviously you don't want to over pay for a home, but you don't also want a feared that is going to lose the time that you. or that there are foreclosures everywhere which it is going to be bad a matter how you slice it. so you will notice on the top 100 list, a lot of places in florida and california that may have been high on the list in previous years are not there because the housing thing is such a problem. so we looked for places where you can get a lot for your money and don't look to
accurately weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> another gorgeous day on tap as we start with our hd cam. you're going to be stuck in the office today, this is one of those times to do whatever you can to get outdoors. it's going to be bright out there. protect the eyes and you know, protect the skin if you are going to be at the pool. with cool temperatures on tap, you can get a burn as we have a high uv index. sunshine is abundance right now and you'll notice sparrows point checking in with a current of 63 degrees. it brought us to 63. 64 easten and ocean city, still hanging in the 50s towards york, pa at 56. frontal boundary sliding its way to the south. we have a mostly clear sky and we have ourselves nice weather flowing in. so for today, 2-degree guarantee gets us to 80. outside of baltimore, you'll stay in the 70s. some 40s, like places near yorkpa, near 60 by the bay. we'll push the upper 80s saturday. fourth of july through next week, another heat wave, upper 90s. kim. >>> looking nice traffic wise. the roadway starting to get slightly congested in some of
from maryland rise? >> mr. speaker, i move that the house suspend the rules and agree to h.r. 248240erk truth in fur labeling act of 2009, as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 2480, a bill to improve the accuracy of fur product labeling and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland, mr. sarbanes and the gentleman from kentucky, mr. whitfield, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from maryland. mr. sarbanes: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material in the record. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. sarbanes: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for such time as he may consume. mr. sarbanes: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in support of h.r. 248 0 the truth in fur labeling act. i want to begin by thanking representative moran of virginia for introducing this bill and representatives rush, waxman, whit
1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from maryland, congressman kratovil. mr. kratovil: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland rise? >> request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker: without objection. >> madam speaker, today i rise to ask my colleagues to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of the salisbury alumni chapter of kappa alpha chi fraternity. this year marks 20 years of dedication to the youth of salisbury, maryland, by providing them with a positive outlet through their summer basketball league. mr. kratovil: the co-directors of the basketball league are bruce wharton and tom van landinghan. they have a program that keeps children off the street when schools are closed. the league started for kids o
than the home. host: glenn bernie, maryland. on our line for republicans. caller: i'm a 62-year-old diabetic that has been out of work for 18 months. my unemployment is gone. i am considering applying for social security but i could not live on that. what qualifies you for medicaid? guest: it varies by state. i am not too familiar with maryland. maryland tends to be one of the, i think, one of the higher- income states. if you are a single woman with no children it depends on the income level. i think it is 100% of poverty. if you are unemployed, that counts as income, but if you are below 100% of the poverty level and you apply, there is an asset test. if you have an expensive house, a lot of money in the bank, that might not work. every state has different qualifications, different thresholds. call the state of maryland resource office and apply. if you have been unemployed in your assets have diminished, you probably have a reasonably good chance. to be honest, you have a much better chance if you have children. host: does every state have the same party line figure? guest: y
to the distinguished majority leader, the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding, and i rise in strong support of this rule. this is a difficult rule. it's difficult rule because it deals with an extraordinarily important subject. it deals with the lives and -- mr. dreier: mr. speaker, the house is not in order. the majority leader deserves to be heard. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is correct. the house is not in order. mr. hoyer: i thank my friend from california, mr. dreier. this is an important rule. it's important to every member of this house, on either side of this house whatever ideology they bring to this house. it's extremely important to the american people. it deals, as i said, with the lives and welfare of our young people. it deals with the security of this nation. it deals with the safety of our people. it deals with the objective of not only teaching our children but in eliminating terrorists who would put them at risk. i rise in support of this r
that there has been some slight decrease in water pressure in rockville, maryland, at this point. again, we do not see people who are working to stop this. it can happen quite a distance from here as they make the effort to shut off this water. we want to show you what it looks like here. this is south glen road, i believe. you can see all that water which is just a shame to see that being wasted coming down to the ground from that 29-inch water main rolling down the road here. the good thing is, that this is a very not heavily congested neighborhood. the houses are far apart and it's hilly. that water as far as we can tell is not going into someone's basement at this point. it has not even torn up the road yet, although as these tens of thousands of gallons of water come gush out of the hole next to the road you have to worry what is happening underneath the surface of that road. earlier, i think we have video of what it looked like earlier a short time ago. don't know if we've shown you that yet. we spoke to a couple people who were trying, spoke to a couple people trying to get through this
to the 14th street bridge. delays are typical out of college park in maryland. >>> there is a lot of sunshine again today. it will be a fantastic and comfortable low humidity day. i went running yesterday and it felt like a weight had been lifted off of may. it will be similar to moral and by the weekend, the heat will increase and we get back into the humidity. enjoy this while it lasts. we were in the upper 50's in many locations and we are on her way to 80 degrees this afternoon. closer to average by saturday and back in the 90's by july 4. >>> maryland gubernatorial candidate bob ehrlich has picked a running mate. he used a youtube video to show that he passed mary kane -- he chose mary kane. we will be back with another news update at 8:25. hey, volley for serve. friendly competition runs on dunkin' with our refreshing coolatta flavors. enjoy an icy boost today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ain't that america you and me ♪ ♪ ain't that america something to see ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> everyone getting ready for a long july 4th weekend here in times square. shelby ta
-related deaths have been reported this summer. the latest, a 20-year-old maryland man who went into cardiac arrest while cycling today. noaa cited last month as the hottest june ever reported worldwide and with july continuing the trend, the agency predicts this will be the hottest summer, the hottest year even. >> not just new york city, it's global and not just the atmosphere, the atmosphere and ocean, as well. >> reporter: moscow is enduring a month-long heat wave that has residents seeking relief in the fountains of red square. in the typically mild uk, an ice cream truck is supplying canines with cold treats. dog days of summer, indeed. sunday into monday will bring some relief in the northeast with temperatures remaining in the mid-90s but much less humidity. still, sharyn, this is not likely to be the last heat wave we see during this seemingly endless summer. >> all right, stephanie sy, thank you. >>> as we said, the weather in the gulf is much better than forecast. a rare bit of good news in the battle to seal the crippled well, tropical storm bonnie was a bust, and so tonight ship
: alex at city, maryland. independent line. caller: definitely particularly in local races. i look for independents. i am very unhappy with the direction we are going socially and fiscally, to say it is a wasted vote is equivalent of finding the winner and cast the vote in that direction. host: have you voted for them in the past? caller: absolutely. host: why is it? why are you more attracted to an independent voter? caller: because they are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. host: who you point to as the candidate or politician who represents that, independent? caller: michael bloomberg. caller: he is someone you would like to see more -- michael bloombergs running? we corresponded -- caller: we corresponded by e- mail and i'm very impressed with him. host: good morning in baltimore. are you with us? one last time. all right. i am going to put you on hold here and we will come back to you in just a minute. this is also an article this morning from "roll call." outside groups aiding gop cause this cycle. this piece says that whether or not they have the dollars to make an
and have put them out. host: what is located in fort meade, maryland? guest: there is really this alternative geography. to get there, you need to look at this map that we have put together. in order to tell you how big it is, we tried to count the number of organizations that operate at the top secret level, the number of contractors that operate at a top-secret level. we do not go that specific, but then he looked around the country -- we looked around the country for the high concentrations around the country. this is where the concentration is the most tense. the reason is because the national security agency is there, the largest intelligence agency in the country. the concentration there is based on the needs of the nsa, so you have hundreds of contractors that have gathered around the national security agency to serve the agency. so between the agency, other secret government organizations in the area, contractors that have come to help the agency do what it does, the largest concentration in the country. it is an interesting way to look at the country. we have sort of
will secretary -- agricultural secretary. helen tweets this -- >> is a call from maryland. sheila, independent line. caller: yes, my name is sheila. and all i wanted to do is share with your listeners our situation so they can see just how challenging this government is going to be, and whether you are democrat or republican or independent, we absolutely have to start holding our representatives accountable to us. it is not us and then -- us and them, it is us. we send people to washington and they are executing plans and are not held accountable. we on a farm. i family had this farm since 1771. it has been passed down seven generations. and i am in severn closing out the property we inherited from a family member who recently passed away. so, we now have two properties. the property in winslow, because these home values were run up and the phantom equity that we supposedly have by bank appraisers sent out working for banks, we now are taxed on our farm back almost a million dollars. because the taxes and property values are so high on this farm, our insurance home was put for half a million d
to justify the the investment needed. -- needed." the first call comes from jeremy, baltimore, maryland. go ahead. caller: how's it going? thank you for [no audio] host: jeremy? caller: hello? host: go ahead. caller: i do not think it would be the most prudent thing to do right now given our current economic standing. i think we should cut back on spending. i do not think that this would be the most prudent thing to do. not for government spending. host: you think that the private sector can do a better job at extending the reach of the internet into these rural areas it? caller: considering our government spending right now, i think it right now it would not be the most prudent thing for the government to do. we should try other means, expanding things. i think that that will probably be a lot better if we give the private industry a try. host: more from "the new york times," article in the business section this morning. "for some it will mean the difference between isolation and being connected to the rest of the world. "if you have no high-speed internet connection it is almost impossibl
, maryland. independent color. caller: i just wanted to ask what is the reason that we are not in afghanistan in iraq? i hear plenty of reports about what is going on, different people's opinions, but quite honestly, i don't understand -- maybe i am a fool -- why are we there? i think it needs addressing. i also think that our present needs to have some press conferences. i do not -- our president needs to have some press conferences. host: and news stories from "the washington post." in harlem, charlie rangel is still a hero. of course, the house subcommittee is looking at what charlie rangel, among other things, improperly used his congressional seat to solicit money and there are other charges he is facing. also from "usa today," white house uses joe biden as campaigner in chief. they look at stops on the campaign trail that president obama and the vice president have taken. the coveted headliner is really the first lady. let's go to walter loeb, iowa, bob, republican. caller: i am sorry, i forgot your name. but i just wanted to say that you are doing a good job today. these odd calls an o
, on line in your way. >> this week on "the communicators," the maryland attorney general and cable europe president, tonight on c- span 2. >> for a snapshot of washington and the 111th congress, the c- span congressional directory, i reference guide to supreme court justices, house members, state justices and more. online pabst -- online at c-span, bringing you a direct link to politics, history, and nonfiction books, created by america's cable companies. >> "washington journal" continues. host: susan ferrechio, from "the washington examiner," joining us to talk about the washington summer agenda. they do not have a lot of time before they break again for august. what are the top five items on their agenda before they leave again? guest: you are right, they do not have a lot of time. particularly in the house. it is the senate where most of the action takes place. it will take about five weeks. depending on whether or not they want to stick around. the big thing in this work. will be the nomination of elena kagan -- the big thing in this work period will be th
, maryland. a 24-year-old is suspected in the disappearance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,ay he may be fourth of july weekend. i would expect a little more excitement for the fourth of july weekend. forget that. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. hope everyone is doing well. it will be a beautiful weekend across the nation like lonnie told us earlier. our fourth of july spectacular takes place here a taste of america, fireworks for your mouth as we like to say. >> a good one, chris. >> i'm rebecca jarvis in for erica hill. taking you to maine for the country's best lobster and to wisconsin not brett favre or cheese but the greatest apple pie. >> we have great music from phil vassar to wash it all down. >> i can't wait. first, kate sullivan is at the news desk with the latest headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the republican national committee chairman under increasing fire from members of his party to resign over remarks he made about the war in afghanistan. he described the conflict as quote a war of obama's choosing thursday. he later said he supported the troops there but steele did not admit
's a dash tough issue for the administration. maryland today, today, mari landreu says it's a big mistake. we'll likely hear from ken salazar. the fifth circuit court of appeals upholding the lower court ruling saying that you can't have this in place. now the administration is coming forward with another way to block this drilling for a short time until they figure out exactly, they say, the safest and most effective way to oversee the drilling at depths more than 500 feet. the problem is that this is effecting, according to the drilling industry, more than $330 million a month in wages with these different companies, affecting some 33 rigs, at least one of them has already picked up and gone out of the area, and that is what lawmakers down there in the gulf region are really worried about when it comes to jobs and the economy after this spill. jenna: from an outsiders view it's an interesting dynamic set up between the federal government and states. not only do you have the federal government with this insistence on a moratorium and the gulf states really worried about jobs in that loca
available. >>> we now move to the chilling story of a 27-year-old man in maryland that police call a suspect in a series of mother-daughter murders. >> capturing jason thomas scott and cracking the case was quite a challenge for investigators near washington, d.c. pierre thomas reports. >> reporter: the horror began at this home on january 26th, 2009, as an intruder neutralized the alarm system and slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as she frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. two months later, the bodies of dolores dewitt, 42, and her 20-year-old daughter, ebony, were found in a burning car. less than a mile away from the loftons' home. another nurse and a daughter killed. >> i will tell you mr. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him as a suspect. >> reporter: this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murders of the dewitts and the chief of police here
to the gentleman from maryland, the majority leader, for the purpose of announcing next week's schedule. mr. hoyer: i thank the republican whip for yielding. on monday the house will meet at 12:30 p.m. for morning hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business with votes postponed until 6:00 p.m. on tuesday, madam speaker, the house will meet at 10:30 a.m. for morning hour debate and 12:00 p.m. for legislative business. wednesday and thursday the house will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. and on friday the house will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. we'll consider several bills under suspension of the rules. a complete list of all suspension bills will be announced by the close of business tomorrow. in addition, we'll consider mr. taylor's bill, h.r. 1264, the multiple peril insurance act of 2009. we are also expecting to consider several items from the senate including senate amendments to h.r. 4313, the restoration of emergency unemployment compensation act, and senate amendments to h.r. 4899, the supplemental appropriations act of 2010. lastly, madam speaker, we expe
, cnn, bees thisda, maryland. >>> like to be a bee keeper. >> my problem is sweating of thinking the idea of getting close to that many bees. >>> lunch break is coming up next. >>> we have the chef from lincoln park gemini bistro show you how to make a sword fish and dress it up. copd makes it hard for me to breathe. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so i can join the fun at my family barbeque. (announcer) for people with copd, including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or both, great news. advair helps significantly improve lung function. while nothing can reverse copd, advair is different from most other medications because it contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help you breathe better. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i'm
stimulus money on it postponed the inevitable. >> neil: the next guest, democratic maryland congressman elijah cummings supports the unemployment benefits extension. the argument against this isn't that they don't think it's valid, it's just not paid for. what say you? >> what i say is that most of your economists, even mr. zandy, who was the advisory to mccain, said clearly that it's important that we provide the jobless with benefits. and do it immediately. i as i listen to star, i couldn't help but wonder what she would say to the residents of compton. she wants to represent them but 20.4% of them are unemployed and what would she say to long beach where 13.3% of them are unemployed. >> neil: but congressmen, in all fairness, it started 26 weeks, then 50 weeks, now we're going on 129 wreaks. i mean what's the statute of limitations on how long you keep benefits going on or whatever purpose? when we don't have the money. >> well, the fact is that -- so what, the researchers show and the economists agree for every dollar with you put into unemployment benefits, they're spent immediatel
: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland rise? >> to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> mr. speaker, i rise today in commemoration of the 36th anniversary of the turkish invasion of cyprus. mr. sarbanes: the occupation of this tiny island republic is a symptom that turkey's indifference of intolerance and democratic values. they continue to resettle some 180,000 an tollian turks in the homes and possessions of the 100,000 greeks that was evicted from the occupied territories. the turkish military is eradicating he had lenic and christian heritage with all of the 500 greek orthodox churches there having been looted, desecrated or destroyed. on this the 36th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of cyprus, the united states should demand an immediate withdrawal of the 45,000 turkish soldiers now occupying northern cyprus and should continue to press this issue in every interaction with turkish officials. this should promote a values-based alliance with turkey that will s
.  >>> maner it's out. back with a reminder about home town friday. we are heading to leonardtown, maryland, tomorrow morning. we'll future some of the best of what this historic community has to offer. so if you're out and about friday, stop by the town square and say hello, leonardtown. we're looking forward to it into and we're taking ask allison on the road with us. and if you have a question about leonardtown, we want to hear from you. go to and click on the link ask allison. we might join -- ask you to join us live and on television. >> and five day. this afternoon 94 and better than it was yesterday. decent chance of rain showers friday night and into saturday. cooler for the weekend and
. in maryland, a 20-year-old ma biking in 100-degree heat. with temperatures digits, the u.s. is baking. >> man, it is hot in washington, the records are being shattered falling as fast as the heat is rising. the temperatures are rising, very humid. a heat index of 109 degrees. so for the tourist, water, ice cream, maybe a little bit of shade to try and stay cool. and this isn't over any time soon. >> here in raleigh, north carolina, the heat has been so oppressive we've actually gotten reports of fainting here at the farmer's market. if you think they're used to it, meteorologists say this is rare. we even had one heat index today of 117 degrees. >> reporter: why so hot? compounding the high temperatures are abnormally high levels of humidity pushing heat indices in the 100s. according to noaa we are on track to have the hottest summer in record. >> ice cold. >> leaving residents scrambling to beat the heat. >> good cold water on a nice hot day. the only problem is when you run out. >> i'll tell you the folks living in those states that have heat advisories definitely need cold water. 11 state
person over and over. maryland, ray, good morning. caller: if the people should step down from the senate and the congress when they are 70 years old, why is it that the supreme court people stay on their sometimes until they are dead? that is ridiculous. they all should step down because if the senators are not capable of doing their job, which apparently is the case now, they are not doing their job, because of age, the supreme court, they should also be retired at 70. host: nor folk, new york, bob, you are on the air. caller: thank you for the opportunity. they have got to give you the best. so, i think that there should be term limits on these guys. an old dog can learn good new tricks. i think that i would like to see term limits. thank you very much. host: this is from "the new york times" this morning. "former bush justice department official that approve the brutal methods told congress that he never authorize other rough tactics reportedly inflicted on terrorism suspects. in closed-door testimony before the house judiciary committee on may 26, the official said that the cia never
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